I made this blog for the fans to express their opinions on the girls, or anything Fifth Harmony related, and don't get any hate for it. Please remember, that these confessions are not mine, i just edit and post them! You can submit your confessions either through the ask box or the submission box. No confession relating to particular members of the fandom will be made. I will not post negative confessions about the girls weight, or about their physical appearances. I hope you understand:) xxx
Anonymous sent: R: all the girls get attention camila just gets more, they all shine, camila shines more
Anonymous sent: r-err i've listened to dinah's song there was nothing racist or objectionable in it so shut up and if i saw one more person throwing other girls under the bus just to justify camila i'll honestly lost my cool, what camila did was wrong & you can't make it seem okay by pointing others mistakes..urggh but anyways she was young when she said all that and kind off said sorry so no need to stir drama again