I made this blog for the fans to express their opinions on the girls, or anything Fifth Harmony related, and don't get any hate for it. Please remember, that these confessions are not mine, i just edit and post them! You can submit your confessions either through the ask box or the submission box. No confession relating to particular members of the fandom will be made. I will not post negative confessions about the girls weight, or about their physical appearances. I hope you understand:) xxx
Anonymous sent: To that anon: Lauren's mom is a math teacher

Hey Guys,

I have about 10 confessions ready to be posted, but I can’t put them up until I have a little more variety (ie. not all Camren/Camaustin/Caminah). Anyone feeling like sending in anything not related to those topics, I’ll be making tonnes in the next hour or so, you know what to do.

Love you all, hoping to make at least 20-30 more tonight before bed.

Claire xx

Anonymous sent: Question, not confession: do their moms have jobs?

I’m pretty sure so!

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