I made this blog for the fans to express their opinions on the girls, or anything Fifth Harmony related, and don't get any hate for it. Please remember, that these confessions are not mine, i just edit and post them! You can submit your confessions either through the ask box or the submission box. No confession relating to particular members of the fandom will be made. I will not post negative confessions about the girls weight, or about their physical appearances. I hope you understand:) xxx
Anonymous sent: can someone please tell me what twitlonger are you talking about? or send me the link please

not sure which one this is, someone link it up?

- C

Anonymous sent: i send you a conf about "norminah being beyonce or not" when everyone was fighting over this matter two or three weeks ago and its still not up? if i remember correctly it was positive conf, so can you please check your inbox if you got the conf or not?

It should be up soon, our queue peaked at nearly 300 and with us posting 14 confessions a day from there, it understandably takes a while to get posted, not to mention the time it takes for us to pick and edit the specific confession. Feel free to re submit if (after a month or so) it hasn’t come up.


x5hfoevax sent: Can you post the pic of camren where lauren had on her strip pants and camz had on an epic hoodie?

This is my absolute favourite of them, sorry if I’m overusing it guys! But here it is, I think this is the one you were talking about.

- Claire xx